Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Family Fun Vacations

Jungle Vista Hotel Details Family Fun Destination Spots For Your Costa Rican Vacation

Family vacations are great and it can be better when you choose a place like Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Described as one of the best places for family vacation, the area boasts of family friendly Manuel Antonio Costa Rica hotels that are secured in the right areas thus allowing tourists access to the sights and sounds of the city.

Costa Rica Family Vacations

There are several fun activities to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and this includes beaches, which of course is one of the major highlights of most family vacations.

Below we have listed some of the activities we recommend you to consider doing with your family in order to experience the best of Manuel Antonio during your vacation.

The Rainmaker Conservational Park

This is especially one of the best places to visit with your family and friends. The Rainmaker Conservational Park is the most popular national park in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and it gets crowded really fast as all tourists are interested in getting feel of the national park. The park provides families with a more authentic yet less touristy experience. For those who love hiking, there are several hiking trails and hanging bridges to explore while challenging yourself and family.

Los Campesinos

The Los Campesinos is one of the biggest answers to vacationers who seek adventure. The rural tourism organization is far off the beaten path and tucked away in the mountains, located about an hour away from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. However, this facility is worth every minute of the trip especially for families that love the outdoor space and active tourism. This area has different hiking trails to meet your need for adventure.

The local chocolate is worth experiencing

Your stay in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica will be grossly incomplete without trying out the local chocolate. Regarded as one of the most enjoyable chocolates in the area, Manuel Antonio presents tourists with the Mama Cacao chocolate-making workshop, a locally based chocolate maker that has earned a reputation for quality chocolates.

The workshop will last for 2 hours during which you can get your hands as dirty as possible making the finest chocolates you’ve only dreamt about.

Rainforest spices are to be enjoyed

For people looking to tour closer to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, a great suggestion also is the rainforest spices. The farm, grows spices and various fruits and for the sweet lovers, you get treated to vanilla and cinnamon, the farm’s specialty.

There is also cocoa, black pepper, turmeric, and other plants grown on the farm giving you access to a wide range of spices. In addition to this, you will also enjoy the jungle experience as you seek the chance to taste different spices.

Kids Saving the Rainforest

Wildlife lovers are also not left out of the fun in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica as they also get a chance to get united with nature at Kids Saving the Rainforest. The facility offers tourists the chance to get up close and personal with rescued animals.

Boasting over 130 animals per year, all rescued from the jungle, this is the best place to hold educational tours, and gives families the chance to see first-hand some animals like the spider monkeys, sloths, parrots, and the tamarins.

Biesanz Beach

We know your vacation experience is incomplete without a day or two at the beach and the Playa Espadilla, the main beach in Manuel Antonio is just the best place to get started on the beach hunting experience. While the crowds at this beach may be overwhelming, a great a beach without as much crowd is the Playa Biesanz or the Biesanz beach offering the seclusion needed for private parties and relaxing family time.

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