Manuel Antonio National Park Information

Many people around the world travel thousands of kilometers to see this beautiful national park. Placed in the top 12 of the best national parks in the world, it is a true Costa Rican gem.

The beauty of the park is that you can connect with nature while being within walking distance of essential amenities.

The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday and has an entrance fee of $16 for foreigners and $4 for nationals and residents.

The best time to see wildlife in all its glory is in the morning.

There are 4 white and gray sand beaches within the park, whose waters are perfect for swimming as the currents are gentle.

In the site there is a wide biodiversity among which there are 109 species of mammals including the famous 3-toed sloths, the Titi and white-faced monkeys. In addition to 184 species of birds among which it is possible to see toucans and scarlet macaws.

Other Activities

Canopy Adventure

Those seeking adrenaline must go to the canopy tour, which takes visitors on a journey through the trees in the jungle.


Manuel Antonio has other less known beaches, but not less beautiful, explore the colors of nature

Catamaran Adventures

One of the most popular tours, the catamaran tour takes visitors on a relaxing sailing from the Pez Vela marina.

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